At Barthau Jewellers, we offer the following services:

  • Full Watch Servicing
  • Free Jewellery Cleaning and Inspection
  • In Store Master Graduate Gemologist Appraiser for Appraisals
  • In Store Goldsmith
  • Custom Designing & In Store Artist
  • Diamond Consultation
  • On the Spot Credit (O.A.C.) and Six Months No Interest options
  • Unique Trade-In-Service
  • Engraving
  • Corporate Gift Ideas
  • Redesign of Existing Jewellery

Custom Design:

Want to create a unique piece of jewellery for yourself or someone special? We can help! Custom designed jewellery is our specialty.

We use the latest in CAD CAM technology to create a computer rendering of your design. You will see exactly what the finished piece will look like before it is made.

Once we have created the perfect design for you, we mill the design in wax with our Revo Mill. The mill carves an exact wax ready for casting. We then cast in the metal of your choice. Once finished you have a completely customized piece of jewellery to be passed from generation to generation.

Barthau Jewellers has always been a leader in, and at the forefront of, jewellery technology.

We are one of only a few jewellers in Ontario, or Canada, to offer Gemvision digital goldsmith, Gemvisions Matrix CAD design, Gemvison Revo 540 milling machine, Digitalwax rapid prototype machine (this machine builds three-dimensional models from a proprietary photo-curable resin)  and Laser welding technology on premise. With Digital goldsmith and Matrix we can custom design any type of jewellery you can imagine. With Digital goldsmith & Matrix, not only are you able to see what the finished piece will look like before it is made, you also get a better quality piece of jewellery. Why? The wax model is actually made from our CAD rendering design and milled or printed on premise. 

In addition, our laser allows us to develop manufacturing techniques (and incredible designs) that were impossible only a few short years ago. Because our laser welds with light, we can now repair jewellery that was previously not possible to do - such as claws on the most heat sensitive gems.

Stop in today to see all we have to offer. You will be amazed at what we can do.

Repair Shop:

At Barthau Jewellers, our on premise repair shop is equipped with the industry's leading technological advancements including the cutting edge Laser Welder, Gemvision Revo Mill for CAD designed wax production, and a software system that allows you to check the status of your repairs via our web site.


Barthau Jewellers offers full appraisal services for insurance documentation done by its own gemologist, David Barthau, Master Graduate Gemologist Appraiser, Gemological Institute of America & IJO. Our appraisals utilize state of the art appraisal software to generate a completely professional and easily readable appraisal that includes a color photograph of every piece.